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Congratulations on your new puppy; we are offering two great puppy programs! Ultimate Puppy is perfect for those looking to go above and beyond to provide the best care and training, while Fundamentals delivers all the basics for a happy home with your pup. All puppy owners will be delighted to have these options available. 
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Puppy To 1-Year-Old

Puppy Fundamentals  Level 1 &  2

6 weeks each

  • Five weeks of group classes

  • Adventure walks

  • Handouts

  • 1 Social event

  • Video  review

  • FB Community 

  • Discount Level 2 Puppy

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Signature Program Ultimate Puppy 

Level 1 & level 2

12-week program 

  • Five weeks of group classes for levels 1 & 2

  • Adventure Walks

  • Over 80 short Educational Videos Library 

  • Ebooks, trackers, schedules, handouts, 

  • Video Evaluation 

  • Report Card 

  • One Private lesson Level 1 & 2

  • Trainer in your pocket

  • Discount on all future purchases 

  • VIP FB Community with extra learning

If you're looking for the best way to train your new puppy, look no further! Our Ultimate Puppy Program is the perfect choice for providing your pup with the best possible start in life. To learn more about this fantastic program, click on the video icon to view our detailed overview. We know you'll be impressed with what our program has to offer!


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What is included

We are confident that you will love our programs because they provide the tools and resources necessary to be a successful pet parent. Our programs focus on essential obedience skills and Social skills:

  • CORE SKILL-Walking on a leash without pulling,

  • CORE-Settle on the mat  or crate calmly

  • CORE SKILL-Come when called 

  • Potty training,

  • Developing a training schedule,

  • Advice for households with multiple dogs.

  • Sit on command before receiving attention,

  • Stay when the doorbell rings,

  • Polite greetings with  

  • Field Trips with your pup

  • Enrichment Games

  • Prevention- jumping, barking, biting

  • Proper Reward placement to get precisely the skill set you are training

We also guide you in implementing a daily schedule and routine to ensure that your pup gets all the love, attention, and training they need. In addition, our programs are designed to help you build a robust and healthy relationship with your pup that will last a lifetime.

We strive to make learning enjoyable for both you and your pup while reinforcing good behavior and helping your pup develop a strong bond with you.


Read our Student's Reviews
From Our first meeting and training session, Karen had our puppy ready to work and learn in a kind and positive way. We love her approach to understanding behaviors and our role more holistically. Karen is very knowledgeable, creative, and organized, making sure the time we had with her was optimally used. Any questions we had throughout, she was quick to respond. Her additional resources were extremely beneficial to continuing our training outside of sessions. Truly don't think we would have had an s good of understanding or overall successful outcomes if we didn't work with Karen!

Leigh Anne Barone- Mount Laurel NJ


Welcome to our website, where we offer dog training on a stunning 50-acre farm in Mount Laurel. Our unique approach to dog training will give your furry friend a super cool training adventure they will want to experience! Our group training sessions take place in a beautiful barn that our students absolutely love, and our expansive field offers endless opportunities for your dog to explore and have fun. Take advantage of this one-of-a-kind training experience that your dog will love, and your dog will thank you for it!

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