So glad you stop by to start your dogs training journey. Many times understanding exactly what to do is confusing. I know it can be hard to figure out what type of course would   help you the most. If you are not sure what type of training would work best  for your dog leave a message or call me and we can go over some details of what your are looking for. What ever your struggle there is a solution. 

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  1. Group Class - Fall Back Into Dog Training,          Mount laurel - September 26, 10:00am 6 week class,                 1 hr 15 min, $ 150.00

  2. Video Good Dog Level 1- 6 Week Class- Taken at your own pace $55

  3. Zoom Class- Amazing Autumn - 10/13/2020 7pm Level 1 and 10/15 Level 2-  $150 

  4. Private 121 lessons- on  demand   $65-$85

  5. Monthly -1 class every month we cover different topics each month. $45

  6. Sexier Than A squirrel  taken at your own pace $32

  7. Workshop- November call for more information

  8. Walk and Train- On demand call to  schedule $50

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Crazy dogs can become a challenge to you, people might say your dog has some crazy  issues. Your dog could have trouble  with certain situations with both people  and  other dogs. This could be because they lack some confidence  even though others see it as over confident.  You may see your dog bark and lunge towards whatever it is means that they are worried by the situation.

Do you find it stressful walking your dog everyday?

Do you have concerns  about what is might happen?

Do you feel at a loss as to what to do?

Are you avoiding going out with your dog  altogether?

Help is at hand!

Good Dog Concept Training's Crazy to Calm Fall Back into Dog Training class is designed to  help dog owners to transformed their dogs from Crazy hard to live with to Calm enjoyable dog. We are passionate about turning your struggles into strengths.

Struggles we work with:

⭐ Running over to other dogs
⭐ Growling, lunging, barking on lead
⭐  Stopping and not wanting to walk anymore
⭐  Jumping all over strangers
⭐  Barking at noises
⭐  Chasing cyclists, joggers, cars, delivery vans
⭐  Pacing, watching, always aware and ready for what might happen
⭐ Not enjoying a car ride
What YOU can expect from your Training:


⭐ Working in different environments;
⭐ Learning and practicing out & about strategies;
⭐ Understanding your dog's behavior
⭐ Motivating your dog and using appropriate rewards;
⭐ Games that put your dogs BEST PAW forward:
⭐ Working around different object:
⭐ Traveling to new locations for real-life results;
⭐ Games you can play at home or outside ;
⭐ Practicing your mechanics in person and video review
⭐ Sending you home with a  treatment plan!

This 6 week class is at your own pace. This is all the basic behaviors in one spot. Your dog will learn how to control himself, walk on leash, settle down, come when called and more.  Each short lesson builds upon previous lesson, and will increased in difficulty as the weeks move on. You can move at the pace of your dogs learning. As a Member and Instructor of WSDA I have joined Forces with 3 Top level dog trainers. Our on- line class has full support and video review and plus a VIP FB  student only group or further  learning.



With the change in weather comes the perfect time to go outside  and be ACTIVE IN AUTUMN  with your dog. Our Life Skills Level II video classroom is perfect to continue your learning in your home then take outside. We help you learn the fundamental skills and behaviors that you need to teach your dogs to help them develop into well mannered, happy, safe and friendly dog. Dogs that you can take proudly anywhere! The classes cover a multitude of both exciting FUN activities and life skills exercises. They are skills such as:

*a  reliable recall
*a solid stay- 
*food manners and leaving food (human!)
*comfortable being handled and groomed
*walking nice on a loose lead
*Love your crate and boundary games
*relationship building
*having a confident dog… and so much more!

This is just a small example of the skills covered but they are all taught using positive, reward-based training methods. The primary theme of all of the classes, regardless of the level, is building a happy, positive relationship between you and your dog. We also encourage you to ask questions.

To help you be a success we always suggest that you work with your dog in small step by step increments Mastering each step before you move on, we want to give them the best possible chance of getting the behavior right, and therefore gaining a reward desire to do more. 


New Monthly Class

Start 10/12/20


Nothing to book right now. Check back soon

Join us via Zoom for monthly consistency classes! An amazing opportunity to train with us in the comfort of your own living room, play the games with a trainer who knows your dogs and gets to see them regularly via Zoom, keep yourself on track with your training and get a monthly  energy boost from the Good Dog Concept Training. 
Day/time:   @2nd Monday of the month 7pm 
Start Date: 12 October rolling and ongoing

Our Monthly classes are aimed to be differentiated for different levels and abilities of dogs and handlers, our variations of the games will allow for puppies through to advanced dogs to participate and benefit from the learning. By joining us for monthly Online Classes you will benefit from the Good Dog Concept Training Membership Package which includes:
•    Progressing along with other students in the class
•    Receiving regular homework
•    Periodic planning and goal setting
•    Discounts on certain workshops
•    And your weekly hour and 15 min class 

Last but not least, you will also have access to our awesome Facebook group Good Dog Student Hub, which is a private group. Here you can ask questions, receive useful tips and post your progress videos. And you will also receive notification of workshops before we release them to the general public, we also have some group calls here which you will be part of
Limited spots available – Book now to avoid disappointment! Great Way to keep your skills and grow more!
The coaching call will be run using Zoom, you will need to have a device, such as a smart phone or laptop, and an adequate and stable internet connection. 
Join Now
Payment is one month in advance (i.e. September payment secures your space for October).  After the initial payment, subsequent payments are automatically applied to your chosen payment method on the 1st of the month (minimum of 3 months is required). You can cancel at anytime once your 3 months initial period has ended. Thank you.
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