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Introducing  Calm K9

A supplement for dogs that Bark, Lunge, or lack focus

Mental and Physical health is a super cool new area of study I have been learning about in my continued Dog training education.  If your dog trainer doesn't have a dog trainer it is time to get new dog trainer. The world of dog training is expanding rapidly and as a Pro Dog Trainer I am helping to change the face of dog training.  Mental and Physical health is becoming  the missing piece of the puzzle in the  dog training world. Just like humans it is now part of what we look at when helping with dog struggles.

Below is a fabulous free ebook from my dog trainers who are on the forefront of bringing the importance of brain and gut nutrition into dog struggles. The best part of this is- you get to learn it to for free. Why..... because we want to spread the news to all dog owners. Head over to our PRODUCTS  section to order using the Good Dog 10% off discount. 


So, just imagine ,just like in humans, how physical, mental and nutrition  can all  add up to a  more calm stress- free harmonious household. Taking care of the whole dog  is how Good Dog Concept Training can help you with your dog struggles. whether it is Barking, lunging, jumping on visitors, dog dog  reactivity, or  walking . We  look at your whole dog  to  get you the results your are looking for. 


Download  today and enjoy reading some super cool brain and gut health.

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