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Our classes cover many aspects of your dog daily life; from how to walk nicely on leash, helping your dog learn to be polite in everyday situations, nice when greeting people and other dogs, to coming when called with distractions and distance and much, much more.

After you complete your Welcome Package,  you may want to progress into, more complex level Skills or other fun training. Here at Good Dog Concept Training we offer a variety of online training options that would suit many different skill areas. Our expert trainers have a passion for learning and modern forward thinking.

If you have any questions please get in touch using the contact using our form at the bottom of our Home Page, text or call. 

Great for a new dog or puppy

2 Hours

  • e -Book (1)

  • Game Card Templates

  • Training Pouch 

5 Hours

  • e-book (3)

  • Game Card Template

  • Check List / Tips

  • Fleece Tug Toy

  • Training Pouch

10 Hours

  • e-book (5)

  • Game Card Template 

  • Check list /Tips

  • Fleece Tug Toy (2)

  • Training Pouch 

  • Whistle 

  • Sexier Than A squirrel

  • Good Dog Level 1

15 Hours

  • E-book (5)

  • Game Cards Template

  • Check List/Tips

  • Fleece Tug Toy

  • Whistle

  • Long Line

  • Sexier Than Squirrel

  • Good Dog Level !

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Good Dog Level 1

Take our Level 1 class as a stand alone class or add to our 2 or 5 hour classes for only $50.

This 6 week class is at your own pace. This is all the basic behaviors in one spot. Your dog will learn how to control himself, walk on leash, settle down, come when called and more.  Each short lesson builds upon previous lesson, and will increased in difficulty as the weeks move on. You can move at the pace of your dogs learning. As a Member and Instructor of WSDA I have joined Forces with 3 Top level dog trainers. Our on- line class has full support and video review and plus a VIP FB  student only group or further  learning.

Take Sexier Than a squirrel with our Welcome and Puppy Packages to get faster results!

OnLine Classes Winter 2021

Polite Puppy


-crate training

-walking on leash

-vet visits


-leave it

-come when called

Introduction to all things puppy super fun way to get a polite puppy.

January 26 7pm
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Crazy To Calm

-Crate Games

-Boundary Games

-Calm Message'

-Nutrient and Supplements

-Fitness for a calm dog'

-Scent, your dogs Language 

-Triggers how to deal with     them

-Calm walking on lead with focus on you

Calm Dog is Calm Home

January 21 7pm
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-What is scent 

- How you dog see the world          through his nose

-Better behavior through scent     work/games

-indication on a target

-Finding and working the             scent  plume

-Multi search

Every dog loves scent work

Febuary 8 7pm
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Crazy To Calm 2

Congratulation! You passed you level one  CTC class. In our next level class we put the foundation skills to test and up the challenge. This class will combine behaviors and add in the 3 'D, distraction, duration, and distance. We add more skills with higher criteria of basic skills. See how much your dog has learned and watch your dog's desire to perform harder tasks grow.

January 28 7pm
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With the Winter  weather comes the perfect time to learn some fun indoor training skills and be ACTIVE IN HOUSE  with your dog. A great chance to work without all the crazy distraction outside. Our Polite Puppy, Scent and Crazy to Calm classes are perfect to start you on your dog training journey. We cover the fundamental skills and behaviors that you need to teach your dogs to help them develop into well mannered, happy, safe and friendly dog. Dogs that you can take proudly anywhere! Our classes cover a multitude of both exciting FUN activities and life skills exercises.

To help you be a success we always suggest that you work with your dog in small steps, moving on to harder steps or combinations of steps as you dog feels comfortable  with each skills. We want to give the best chance of getting  your dog to understand and preform the behavior at home and out and about with environmental distractions.(squirrel, dog, kids etc...) Once you pass are basic foundation class you will be ready for more exciting fun challenges.

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