• Karen Falciani

TTT- Trainers Training Together

Updated: Oct 29, 2018

This was a great day of fun and learning. I got together with other Pro Dog Trainers from my class and the new class that just got started. We shared all day trading information on our businesses , trainings and experiences.

One of the idea Lauren and Tom taught us was to never stop learning! Here we are doing just that.

This picture is a super fun game called middle. It’s one of the most use games we learned. You start out simple with the position in the 2nd picture below then as you dog learn and masters the cue you can continue to level up with more challenge for them to learn.

Dogs love middle. Youè dog will too. I love teaching this to most of the the dogs I work with. Middle is great for multiple concepts. It’s also a perfect portable boundary you can take with you anywhere. Great for your dog for vet visits. It’s simple enough that my husband plays it with Sasha our dog. Sasha puts herself in middle all the time if I’m not paying enough attention to her. It’s her cue to me “game on”!


Try it !

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