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I want to enjoy walking my dog, I hear this all the time you are not alone.

Why is walking your dog sometime just not fun or enjoyable for you or your dog? Walking can be quite hard if your have a dog who is a little bit crazy and not at all calm. You notice all the owners and dogs just chilling and walking with a care in the word. I have been there. I feel what your feeling and it is not a place I enjoy being in.

I went to classes tried everything the trainers said to do. Did my homework and my dog was either great in the class or was tortured by other dog. Her behavior got worse and not better. Walks got worse barking, lunging, stopping al together or pulling like a sled dog.

Something had to change because my home life was no longer workable.

I became a concept dog training. Slowly our life changed. My dog began to learn and grow and learn some more. I went into training to help my dog but soon I was helping the dogs walked as a part time job. I was amazed that all the dogs responded to concept games. Dog walking became so much easier and my dog was learning more every day. The best part was we were now a team. Our relationship had strengthened she looked to me for cues and started to make good choices.

Living with concepts

1. Calmness

2. Self-control

3. Optimism

Building these concepts changed my life and I want to help others learn how CONCEPT games can help you too.

Loose leash Walking-tips

Let your dog know and understand that if they pull—they do not move forward. When you dog walks with you then you will walk forward. One of the biggest problems is your dog pulls forward and then you pull backwards toward yourself. This sets the dog up to go into reflex mode. Your dog increase his pull and your pull and now you have a tug -of -war fight.

Training your dog in the situation is not the best answer. Work on games using the leash at home. Play in your yard or inside you home rewarding your dog for proximity to you.

loose leash walking games give you real life results so when your out walking you have tools to use to get that fun stress free walk you dreamed about. Sign up today for a fun wslk tomorrow