Introducing A New Baby To Your Pet

My biggest tip when introducing a baby into the family is to have a 'gated community.' Too often people try to force a new baby on a dog. Babies move differently and make strange noises. Babies are very unusual to a dog. Use a soft approach with no pressure on the dog and no excitement. Some dogs or puppies can be fine but others may find a new baby scary. Let your dog get used to the movement and smell of the new addition.  Ditching the doggy routine is a great idea before you bring your new baby home. Routines will be changed when a new baby joins the household, so to have a calm dog, get them used to boundaries before the baby comes. 

Tips to Make Dog Walking Fun

Mix up your route, let your dog pick which way to walk. This can be fun for you and your dog. Who knows your might really enjoy a little change.


When your walking remember to pay attention to your dog. Put your phone away. Practice some of your training. You can play some easy recall games.  Call their name   when they turn and look at you, roll some of their food near you. Your dog will love

this surprise! 

Take your dogs favorite toy for a walk with you. You can do some of your training by using the toy  as a reward. Keep this special super fun toy just for walks. Ask your dog to do some behaviors while on the walk. Top-up your Sit, down, right/left spins, or bow down. Try one behavior and toss the toy.  Mix it up avoid asking for the same behavior.  

Game play is a fun way to learn. Your dog will love learning and playing with you. You will be teaching your dog to pay attention to you while walking.  

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