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We'll get your dog well behaved

  • "He eats everything"

  • "Kind of excitable dog"

  • "Hates the crate, needs puppy help" 

  • "I give up, he's destroying household items"

  • "I love him but I need help training to be less reactive to everyone"

  • "He's a super smart dog and I know he's trainable" 

  • "I need help with Come and Stay, jumping on counters, getting into dirty laundry."

If any of these sound like you then

We can help you with your dog's behavior 

Is your dog running the household?

Take back control and enjoy having a calm household you can relax in.

Did you just get a puppy and are having trouble training? 

Power up puppy is a great starting point 

You know how smart your dog is yet you are still not having success.

We have the perfect solution that will make your dog successful.

We know how you feel as many dog owners felt the same way and you are not alone. We find that our techniques help you get the dog behavior you are looking for and you will stop worrying about how your dog misbehaves.

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I am very excited to be able to dog train everyday for my job. I used to work in a hospital many different hours and shifts but unfortunately I got injured at work and during my recovery I became a certified dog trainer. Helping dog owners get a better well behaved dog so they can enjoy being around their dog is a joy. Teaching and coaching dog owners to have success in dog training keeps me on my toes is the reason that continue to take new training courses. Up next Agility! My favorite part of my job is watching you learn and use new skills and seeing your success. 

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My Story

"When it's right, it's easy."

Hi, Welcome

I have had a family  dog my whole life. I love all kinds of dog and animals. Each one is unique with their own personality. Here is my story of how I started my Dog Training  business, Good Dog Concept Training. I hope your enjoy. 

I  took my dog, Sacha, as a puppy to a trainer who used force, punishment and pressure. I was told my dog was enjoying herself.  Unfortunately, I did not see or know the signs of a dog living with fear.  My husband and I were both uncomfortable but we believed our trainer, until our dog's behavior changed from sweet and loving to fearful, lunging and barking and even frozen on walks.


I was living with a fearful dog and did not know it. As I continued with the training she became worse over time. I finally realized something had to change.  Next I did some research. I signed up for dog training that used games. Science based games. There was NO FORCE, NO FEAR, NO PAIN. Sasha and I rebuilt our relationship and her behavior started to change.  I was so happy with my results and my new understanding of dog behavior I wanted everyone to know how awesome this was. I decided to become a PRO DOG Dog Trainer so I could teach dog owners  how to help their dogs in a healthy positive way!

I have so enjoyed learning and studying dog behavior and dog training that this year I am going on a 8 day training seminar!. I am excited to learn the news techniques  so I can bring it to you! I want you to be a happy as I am!


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My Services

Helping You To Help Your Pet

Loose Leash Walking

Comfortable and Professional

Loose Leash Walking is my most popular service. Have your walks changed from relaxing to worrying about your dog's interest in the outside world? Do people, dogs or other animals change  your dog's walks  to lunging, barking and pulling you all over the place. We can help with our

 In-Home packages. Our programs will build a better relationship between  you and your dog so that you can have fun Stress Free Walks. 

Cool, Calm and Collected

Have peace of mind and a stress-free life!

Learn how to manage your dog's arousal levels whenever and wherever you are will change your training outcome. Dogs cannot learn when they are not calm. Many problems your dog has often comes from always being in a state of over excitement.  Calmness touches all dog behavior learning. Once your dogs  learns how to become calm your will see an increase in learning. In our Crazy to Calm class you will see a huge difference in learning, behavior, and reactivity. Start today for a calm happy home 

Calm is cool 😎 Call today. 

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Tell me and I forget.
Teach me and I remember.
Involve me and I Learn.

Benjamin Franklin

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