Group Classes 



Loose Leash Walking



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Small Paws Puppy School

-Crate Games

-Boundary Games

-Calm Massage'

-Nutrient and Supplements

-Fitness for a calm dog'

-Scent, your dog's language 

-Triggers how to deal with     them

-Calm walking on lead with a focus on you

Calm Dog is Calm Home

8 week class

Scent Next Step

-What is Scent 

- How your dog sees the world          through its nose

-Better behavior through scent     work/games

-Indication on a target

-Finding and working the             scent  plume


Every dog loves scent work

6 weeks

Crazy to Calm Teen 

Congratulations! You passed your level one Small Paws class. In our next level class, we put the foundation skills to test and up the challenge. This class will combine behaviors and add in the 3 Ds distraction, duration, and distance. We add more skills with higher criteria of basic skills. See how much your dog has learned and watch your dog's desire to perform harder tasks grow.

8 week 

12 weeks